1881-1899 Chautauqua Years

In the years 1881 through 1913 thousands of visitors came from far and near to hear speakers and muscians who traveled on a circuit called the “Chautauqua”. Celebrities of the times arrived to speak in the Pavillion at the Methodist Meeting Grounds. They included William Jennings Bryan, Booker T. Washington, evangelist Billy Sunday, Carrie Nation.


First library built.


Opera House opened.


The Outing Club, above, as viewed from the lake. Said to be the first condominium built in the United States, families came for the summer, ate all meals in the dining room, and were allowed to make no changes to the exterior. Although families no longer are served all meals in the dining room, it remains today as it was then.

Outing Club Built


Bus service was now available from the railroad depot.


Interurban railroad service from Mason City took day visitors right to the lake.

1899  Peterson’s Bath House built.